Accelerating research through data sharing

The Spanish COVID-19 Data Portal provides information, guidelines, tools and services to support researchers in utilising Spanish and European infrastructures for data sharing, in particular the European COVID-19 Data Portal. For those interested in ongoing large research projects in Spain, we have compiled a list of projects funded by major funding agencies.

Research projects

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Interactive resources

COVID-19 Incidence map

Flow-Maps is a system for monitoring COVID-19 outbreaks and mobility-associated risk by integrating health information, population-level mobility patterns into a Geographical Information System.

Developed by Computational Biology group and INB coordination team, BSC

SARS-CoV-2 Variant distribution

COVID-19 Viral Beacon is a tool to find SARS-CoV-2 variability at genomic, amino acid and motif level. It has been developed as a branch of the GA4GH Beacon standard, as a special use case for testing and demonstration of new features in Beacon v2 (and implicitly of Beacon v1).

Developed by EGA team, CRG

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